Camp Programs

Cabaret Kids Camp offers the following activities Daily:

Drama, Improv, Dance,Vocal,Art & Crafts,X Program, Zumba, Film,  Swim


  • Vocal: POP singing,: Karaoke , Voice Training, Learn Harmonies, Song Writing (at lunchtime)
  • Dance: Hip Hop, Broadway & Bollywood, lyrical, Contemporary.  (Tap depending on show)
  • Breakdancing (when requested)
  • Film: Lets make a music video
  • Arts & Crafts- Includes all medias of art from painting to drawing to crafty projects. Enjoy learning how to create props.
  • Swimming: Outdoor pool and Water activities on site- slip n’slide. (two times a week)
  • Theme Days (So You Think You Can Dance Cabaret, Be a Star,Treasure hunt, Dress up days, Carnaval day, Pyjama Day+more)
  • Performances every second Friday
  • Talent show every first week of each session.
  • BBQ LUNCH – Wednesday (Hotdogs, Chips, drink & snack. Kosher available) and Friday (Pizza, chips, drink & snack) Fee $8 per meal

All taught by highly trained professionals

Cabaret Kids Camp

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All Cabaret campers will experience all the activities mentioned above. However, should a camper have interest in a specific activity, the schedule will be modified to accommodate their needs.



Drama & Vocal

  • Do improvisation and theatre games/learn stage direction & acting skills
  • Have a blast dressing up in costumes and creating skits as well on working on your show
  •  In vocal sing songs as  learners will  focus on material from the select play we will be presenting.
  • Pop songs sung karaoke style, so everyone can participate and feel like a star!

In drama we work on different plays every two weeks.  Each child gets a part in our show, as well as learn singing acting and dancing. Every actor is taught stage direction and skills to develop their character they play, as they work to create a final presentation everyone will be proud of come performance day!


 Each activity is instructed by a speacialist in their trained field.

‘We build confidence and self esteem’


Campers will learn many styles of dance: (Dance specialists will teach dances to latest hit songs)

  • Broadway
  • JazzTapp
  • Hip Hop
  • Contemporary
  • Lyrical                                                                 
  • Tapp (on demand)
  • Bollywood (on damand)                                                                         


 Arts & Crafts: 

Enjoy all medias of art. Learn how to make props for our shows.




 Song Writing & X Program

      (Offered after lunch as an optional program)

  • Sing a favourite song in a group
  • Harmonies wil be taught
  • Solos will be given out
  • Perform at our camp show

Creative Song Writing- (lunchtime optional activity)


  • Learn how to write a song
  • Compose music to go with your song
  • Create your final version of the song you wrote, plus perform at our show!

Cabaret Kids Camp

    Film & Media

  •        Learn a dance for our music video
  •        Learn how a film is created
  •        Work on site to block and put together  a music video (song to be selected)
  •        Filming will be done at our beautiful camp site.
  •        Children get to watch their work they created



Pool (optional)

We offer an outdoor pool 10 minute walk from our location or onsite water activities such as slip n’slide.

  • Swim (optional 2x a week)
  • Life guards on premises (free swim no instructional swim)
  • Water activities on site.
  • Non swimmers will have a blast with our slip n’ slide and water games.


Cabaret Kids Camp




Summer Camp Dates : June 29th- August 21st- 2020


Camp Sessions & Show Dates:

Session 1– Week  1 & 2 -June 29th- July 3rd/July 6th-10th (show at 1:15)

Session 2-Week  3 & 4 –  July 13th-17th/July 20th-July 24th (show at 1:15)

Session 3- Week  5 & 6–  July 27th-July 31st/Aug 3rd-Aug 7th (show at 1:15)

Session 4- Week 7 & 8– Aug 10-Aug 14th /Aug 17th-Aug 21st (show at 1:15)


Campers will enjoy all the activities, be part of our weekly talent show, theme days & final production performed each session.




Should you pick a week where your child is not in the show, there will still be plenty of activities to participate in during that week. In art they will help make props as well as enjoy some crafty activity.They will also be part of the weekly talent show!



Fees/Payments/ Early registration 

Camp Fees: $209.00 per week 

IMPORTANT: The first step is to go online to  and  fill out your online registration form.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail  welcoming you and regarding payments that is done thru E-transfer or cheques. (no visa ) Spots will be reserved once we receive your form followed by the first payment.

  • Anyone traveling from areas over 20 minutes away will be given extra early am or pm time at camp for free. (approx 30 minutes travel time each way) Camp hours -9:00am -3:00pm. (early am & Extended 7:30-6:00pm)


 Early Registration Savings:

Register and pay before February 14th and receive 5% discount on $209.00 per week on camp fees . One payment of $209.00 needs to be paid before Feb 14th and the balance of camp fees on March 1st to receive this promotion. (You can also receive $10.00 off siblings, as well as the 5% of your total fee.) A minimum of 2 weeks is required to receive this promotion of $10.00 and the 5% discount.  Payments must be in by these dates to benefit from this promo. After Feb 14th early registration, the fee remains $209.00 per week.

In order to receive the discount, you need to pay 1 week ($209.00- 5%=$199.00) by Feb 14th and the balance of fees for your weeks you are registering by, March 1st 2020. After Feb 14th the fee remains $209.00. If payments on the balance of fees are not received on time, you will be charged the regular camp fee.


Camp Hours- 9:00am – 3:00pm

 Extended & Early AM Fee: 7:30am-6:00pm. Pay in advance for your weeks of daycare hours. Special Fee  $35 per week

 Extended hours:  Times: 7:30 – 9:00 AM and 3:00 – 6:00 PM : Pay by the hour.$3 per hour (No charge at 8:45 AM)


Please note: If you have more than 1 child registering for any extra hours before or after camp, you are eligible for more discounts on your fees. (Contact Randi)

All fees for early drop off & extended hours should be paid in advance. Special arrangements can be made should you not know your times or your schedule changes. In case of emergency or last minute arrangements please contact Randi 514 983 4000



Hot Lunches:

Two days B.B.Q $16.00.(Wednesday and Friday)
We will serve Wednesdays: hot dogs (kosher available), chips, snack and drink, Fridays: Pizza, chips snack and drink .
Note: You may send in a separate cheque for the BBQ along with your payments. You can post date this payment for the week prior to your child attending camp.

Please note: It is important to send extra snacks and drinks with your child( Peanut free please)


call Randi at 514 983-4000



   C.I.T./CAMPER PROGRAM  (Kids that completed Grade 8 )FEE: $170.00 per week.

This program is perfect for kids that want to do the camp show and take part in some of their favorite activities but also want extra responsibilities to work with younger campers.  Many 14 or 15 year olds are in-between wanting to stay home doing nothing or maybe  and have the chance to work with the younger children at camp. This program is designed to do the both. The camper/CIT will go on placement for 1.5 hours per day and gain experience working with the younger campers.  They will also do drama and vocal & art and be part of our final shows and talent shows. They can participate in the following:

  • vocal, drama , dance
  • Arts & Crafts
  • They can be part of  our show
  • Theme days and talent shows

FEE: $170.00 per week.

 Senior C.I.T. Program:  (FEE: $97.00/Week)

Senior C.I.T ‘S will be placed in a group with kids as an apprentice to a senior counselor.  The purpose of the CIT program is for young people to develop leadership skills, learn how to interact and take care of children in the role of the counsellor, and to become sensitive to the needs of the campers. The hopes is that they will learn   how to organize games and activities for the campers. They will be well supervised by the senior counsellor in charge, but will develop a sense of responsibility, learning how to care for the campers. Often CIT’s will work with our youngest groups, unless they have a hidden talent and request to be on a specialty at camp. Being a CIT at camp requires the youth to be mature and responsible, while working with the children. (This is not a a recreational program). There will be weekly assessments of each C.I.T’S development throughout the summer, so that each CIT has a chance to improve their newly learned skills. This is recommended  for kids that do not want to be part of our show, love camp life and solely want to work with kids to learn more for future employment.

      •  CPR training
      • First hand experience working with children
      • They can participate in our Talent show
      • Reference letters


For more information call Randi at 514 983-4000