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Director - Randi
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Cabaret kids with foreigner
Cabaret performs with
the band "Foreigner" 2012

Making of a movie
Cabaret Kids in the
Making of a Movie

The X Program

The X Program

The X Program focuses on singing and performance. Students will learn about the essentials of live performance (such as vocal technique, expression, and audience interaction) as well as studio performance and recording. The goal is to help aspiring singers form and develop their musical professionalism and stage presence. The group will have a mock audition as well as  tape their voices to critic and learn. Certain sessions will focus on individual songs as well a group song,which will be performed in a live open class show. In some sessions,students will  have the opportunity to take their acts to a live performance and display them in a final coffee house showcase at a café.

  •  Begins:  Sept 29th-Dec 1st   (10 classes )  Ages: 9-17
  • Perform in a Café  live or coffee house showcase 
  • DAY: Thursdays- Time:7:00-8:00pm
  • Fee: $258.00
  • Place: 3 Northview Place D.D.O. H9B 3K8


Session 2: BEGINS- TBA


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group singing

X Program in Studio taping song

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