COVID Safety

Covid -19 Plan Re: Summer for Cabaret Kids

In order to keep campers & staff safe and continue to offer excellence in our programming we have implemented a creative organization in regard to re: organizing our activities, camp procedure & daily responsibilities. We will be in a safe environment following all Gov’t regulations.

Should you have any questions please contact our office.- 514 983 4000


Arrivals-check in |  Plan: keeping it safe |  Our Activities & Plan

Prior to the start of camp:

o Our camp families will be provided information and phone numbers re covid-19 and Gov’t regulations. (prior and during camp).
o We will communicate with our parents through phone calls, texts, emails and mail chimp, as needed keeping them informed of any changes and updates.
o It will be important for our staff to know answers to frequently asked questions as well as information regarding the covid-19 pandemic.
o Ensure that all campers that register are in good health and not immunocompromised.

o Make sure parents are well educated re covid-19 and have read all our information re camp rules and covid-19.


Arrivals-check in

o Campers will need to check in daily at our outside entrance. Each camper, as well as the employee’s temperature, will be taken upon arrival. There will be 2 areas (close to each other) set up to avoid congestion in one place.
o Parents will be asked to maintain a 2-meter distance at check-in at all times. Markers using orange cones will be placed as a guide.
o All staff, parents and children will need to wear a mask.
o Parents will not be permitted in the building during regular camp hours including before and after camp.
o Extended hours re: pick-ups will be organized for parents prior to camp beginning.
o Once at check-in parents will be asked (1st day only) to sign an agreement to all our rules and regulations re -covid -19 and that they are sending a child in good health to camp. Children with the common cold and coughs have to stay home. Any illnesses that may occur are to be reported to the office.
o After children are signed in, they will be walked with our specialists to their designated space. They will stay within their group in ‘a bubble’ at camp in their assigned area (indoor and outdoor).


Plan: keeping it safe

o Camp will be mostly outside weather permitting. There is plenty of shade and a beautiful campground to enjoy.
o Lunch will be indoors with each group in their separate location.
o In the case of rain and extreme heat we will relocate to our assigned rooms indoors.
o Camper /counsellor ratio will be dependant upon Gov’t regulations. There will be 2 staff per 10 children. (Changes will occur as per Gov’t regulations).
o Signs will be installed at the entrance & in all rooms re covid-19 (Hygiene posters.)
o Purell stations will be at our entrance and in each room.
o All staff will have a supply of purell and special (Health Canada) approved spray to clean tabletops & bathroom after each use.
o A set plan will be implemented so each staff Purells their campers’ hands prior to the activity & afterwards. Hand washing regularly is a must as well as when entering and leaving our building. Also, before and after meals, and in the event of coughing or sneezing.
o Distancing -minimum 2m between all children and staff. Inside larger areas will be sectioned off properly for each group to use safely as they occupy their own space.
o Signs covid-19 related with instructions will be posted at entrances, for ex: children to wash their hands, self-distance and wear a mask when indoors.
o Markings on the floors as necessary. Ex: One door to exit from another to enter.
o A separate area/room will be set up for health issues related to covid-19 possible symptoms.
o Employees will be provided with personal protective equipment (PPE), as required by CNESST, including gloves, masks and protective eye wear. We will also have an emergency COVID kit (with all PPE) and will include a protective gown.
o Counsellors will need to keep a change of clothes in their nap sacks that can be stored in their rooms at camp. Should they come in contact with someone who potentially may have covid -19 they will need to change their clothes.
o Children and staff will need to wear their masks when indoors. Outside we will self-distance and masks can be taken off.
o An auto oxide portable fogger to kill germs will be used to disinfect areas by spraying special health Canada-approved product on tables, chairs and throughout all rooms and areas.
o Any staff or camper that has symptoms and has tested positive to COVID-19 will need to leave camp and stay home for 14 days. There will be an absentee and cancellation policy in place.


Our Activities & Plan:

o Cabaret Kids Counsellors and specialists have worked together to create safe programming following the Government guidelines for all camps. In accordance with such guidelines the following changes will take place:
o Each group will be assigned their designated room at camp for indoor & rainy day activities. Most programming will take place outdoors. Canopy tents will be available for shade if needed.
o The am activities will be drama, dance and vocal. Space will be selected for each program (per group) to be their own special area.
o Lunchtime activities such as Zumba and our new program The Voice will be offered to each group separately.
o In the afternoon we will have art/film, swim (if allowed) Vocal, Improv & theatre. These activities will be in their special assigned areas outside. A schedule will be handed to follow and a rainy-day plan.
o Theme days will be outdoors or when indoors will be in our theatre, as each group will have their own section of the theatre assigned to them with their names on their seats. We will maintain the self-distancing between each group and each person within that group. After each use, the auditorium will be washed down including seats that have been used. On a regular basis, chairs will be washed down at the end of each day.
o We will avoid the use of all materials that would need to be shared at camp.
o Costume rack will be eliminated this summer at camp, but children will be allowed to bring their own costumes on theme days & shows etc…This will be stored in their knapsacks after each use. A change of clothing is necessary.
o Drama will be on stage for the oldest campers, but times will be allotted for other groups to use and to perform on. Prior to that use, the room will be mopped including chairs, doors and tables and stage.
o All our children will be divided per age and grouped to work separately on their own play. Keeping our campers in their own ‘bubble’ at camp, as well as giving more opportunity for our younger campers to shine with lead roles.
o Different musicals will be selected for each age group. (age-appropriate)
o In art children will be given their own supplies. Each group will be given a binn with art-related supplies, that only the specialist with protective gloves will be allowed to handle and distribute to campers. Tables will be set up prior to the start of the activity.
o All groups will be given their own paint brushes and scissors that will be soaked in hot soapy water after each use. All other art material that must be shared and divided amongst campers will be stored in a sealed binn that will be washed and sanitized.
o Proper scheduling will be organized leaving plenty of time for clean-up. We will also be able to set art up outside on non-windy days.
o After every activity children and staff will wash their hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer.
o Indoor areas such as classrooms, bathrooms, will be washed down after each use and at the end of the day. Every room will have its own supplies from mop and bucket to cleaning solutions Health Canada approved.
o Our Shows-Plan A: All our groups shows will be live-streamed through Instagram for parents to watch and enjoy.
o For Shows- Plan B: Should the Government allow larger groups to assemble as is allowed in a movie theatre, then we will be open to having a small group to attend. We would section off the theatre and group parents together while making sure to self-distance everyone and masks would be worn at all times. (Needs to be approved by Lester B Pearson)


Any questions please contact Randi-514 983 4000